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  • Strength and Focus

    Strength and Focus

    By honing your innate strength and focus, Nancy Goodstein helps you gain balance. 25min

  • Releasing Strength

    Releasing Strength

    Nancy Goodstein explores the necessity of relaxation and releasing tension. 27min

  • Finding Strength and Balance 3

    Finding Strength and Balance 3

    Expert Yoga instructor Nancy Goodstein delves deeper into mind, breath, and body. 34min

  • Powerful Yoga

    Powerful Yoga

    Build stamina, flexibility, energy, and confidence to develop a strong, healthy body through this vigorous yoga workout. 25min

  • Yoga for Athletes 1

    Yoga for Athletes 1

    Add grace and confidence to your athletic performance with endurance athlete, Ted McDonald. These challenging poses increase strength and bring cirucluation to your muscles to help prevent injury and increase focus. 29min

  • Yoga for Athletes 2

    Yoga for Athletes 2

    Most athletics constrict the body and tighten up muscles. This sequences is designed to lengthen the muscles and connective tissue to increase mobility. 28min

  • Yoga for Runners

    Yoga for Runners

    Due to the nature of the movement and the repetitive high impact, running may have adverse effects on our bodies. Tailored for runners, these select workouts help neutralize this impact by promoting focus, flexibility, and endurance. 37min

  • Yoga for Golfers

    Yoga for Golfers

    William Asad shares a yoga series designed especially for golfers. Beneficial to all levels of play, this series covers twists, hip openers, and back bends to deliver a more powerful swing, build stamina, and maintain a strong and healthy back. 32min

  • Ab Strengthening

    Ab Strengthening

    Tackle your midsection with this hollistic approach to core strength. This lesson encompasses the effects of the body on the mind and the spirit. 32min

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