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  • Intro to Poses and Foundations

    Intro to Poses and Foundations

    Understand how to use and customize Sportskool's Yoga Foundations series. 2min

  • Downward Dog

    Downward Dog

    Detailed demo of the downward dog. Stretches hamstrings, calves and back. 2min

  • Extended Right Angle

    Extended Right Angle

    Explanation of the extended right angle. 3min

  • Plank Pose/Lower Push Up

    Plank Pose/Lower Push Up

    Details on how to begin and perform a proper plank pose and lower push-up. 2min

  • Crow Pose

    Crow Pose

    Comprehensive coverage of the crow pose which builds balance and strength. 3min

  • Sitting Forward Bend

    Sitting Forward Bend

    Step-by-step instruction on getting into and out of a sitting forward bend. 3min

  • Standing Mountain Pose

    Standing Mountain Pose

    Earth and sky converge in this step-by-step tutorial on the standing mountain pose. 3min

  • Sun Salutation

    Sun Salutation

    Ten steps to performing a proper sun salutation, complete with description and demo. 2min

  • Triangle Pose

    Triangle Pose

    Guidelines to performing a textbook triangle pose. 2min

  • Upward Dog

    Upward Dog

    Beginner level instruction on doing an upward dog, an excellent healing pose for the back. 2min

  • Warrior 1

    Warrior 1

    Detailed description and demo of the statuesque warrior pose. 3min

  • Warrior 2

    Warrior 2

    Beginner level information on what to do, feel, and avoid when performing this warrior pose. 2min

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